Ashlee Cragun

Ashlee Cragun was born in Bloomington, Indiana, and raised in Salt Lake City Metro area by her amazing parents. She has two brothers and four sisters. Ashlee received her Bachelor’s degree in Child, Consumer, and Human Development with a minor in Psychology from Utah State University. After graduating from college Ashlee worked as a collections agent before quickly realizing her true passion was helping and showing others their dreams can become reality. As a single mom, in 2014 she made a leap of faith into the mortgage industry, and she has never looked back.
She currently resides in Bluffdale, Utah with her boyfriend, 14-year-old bonus son Dom, 12-year-old son Dax, and 2-year-old little girl Indigo, as well as her two poodles Diesel and Merlin. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her kids and dogs in the great outdoors, swimming, meeting new people, and trying new crafts. Ashlee truly enjoys learning, growing, and being authentically herself.

Her two mottos in life are “Be Unique, Be Authentic, Be You” and “I don’t know what I don’t know, and the only way to know is to actively learn and grow.”
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